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Course Details

Linux User Training - Command and Shell scripting

Audience: This is beginner course on Linux. Here you will learn basic commands and shell scripting to make your usage easy. Any one willing to commence on Linux may take up this course. The course focuses on providing beginners with Linux Basic Command and automating the repetitive works.

Duration: 1.5 Months (30 hours)

Topics : Basic Commands

Unit 1: Getting Started

Unit 2: File Management (ls, cp, rm, cat, vi)

Unit 3: Directory Management (pwd, cd, mkdir, rmdir, mv)

Unit 4: File Permission and Access modes (chmod, chown, chgrp)

Unit 5: Environment (echo statement, variables)

Unit 6: Basic Utilities (pr, ipr, ipstat, ipq)

Unit 7: Pipes and Filter (grep, sort)

Unit 8: Processes Management

Unit 9: Network Communication Utilities (ping, ftp, telnet, finger)

Unit 10: Network Communication Utilities (ping, ftp, telnet, finger)

Topics : Shell Scripting

Unit 11: Overview Shell Scripting

Unit 12: Using Variables( User variable and Special Variables)

Unit 13: Shell Operators

Unit 14: Decision Control(if..else, case..esac)

Unit 15: Shell Loops

Unit 16: Shell Arrays