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Course Details

Course outline for " C "

CP 101: Introduction to C


This course is designed to aim at imparting a basic level C programming.


It is expected that the person has knowledge of solving class-12 level mathematics and user level experience of computer application.

Prepares for:

Computer new learners


Any graduate students or IT professional


2 Months (40 hours)

Course Outline:

Syllabus of C:

Unit 1: Introduction to Programming:

  • Introduction to Languages: High Level, Low Level, Middle Language
  • Introduction to Interpreter , Compiler & Translator..
  • Basic concepts of Procedure Programming Language.

Unit 2: Basic Concepts of C:

  • Introduction to Character set, Variables, Constants, Keywords, Comments.
  • Data types: Basic, User-Defined & Derived Data Types.
  • Operators in C : Assignment Operators, Arithmetic Operators, Increment and Decrement Operators, Relational Operators, Logical Operators, Bitwise Operators, Conditional Operators.
  • Decision making: if - else, nested if else, switch, break and continue.
  • Loops in C: while, for, do while, nested loops

Unit 3 : Functions & Pointers:

  • Introduction of Main function.
  • Function Prototypes- Built in functions and user defined functions, Default Arguments.
  • Passing arguments to functions through Call by reference and Call by value.
  • Pointers: Introduction to Pointers, pointers in function.
  • Recursion

Unit 4: Preprocesser & Storage Class:

  • Features of C Preprocesser.
  • Macro Expansion: Macro with arguments. Macros versus Functions
  • File Inclusion.
  • Directives in C : #if, #elif, #undef, #pragma.
  • Build Process in C: Preprocessing, compilation, Assembling & Linking.
  • Introduction to Storage class
  • Types of Storage Classes: Automatic , Register , Static & External Storage Class.

Unit 5:Array & Strings:

  • Arrays : Introduction to arrays, arrays in functions, 2-D arrays , Multidimensional arrays.
  • Array to Functions, Pointers to an array.
  • String : Introduction to string, Standard Type String Functions: strlen(), strcpy(), strcat(), strcmp().
  • Pointer & String, Array of pointers to String.
  • Limitations of Array of pointers to Strings.

Unit 6:Input/Output Functions:

  • Introduction to Input /Output Functions.
  • Types of Input/Output Functions: Console & File I/O Functions.
  • Console I/O Functions: Formatted & Unformatted Functions.( getch(), getche(), gets(), getchar(), putch(), puts(), putchar(), puts())
  • File I/O Functions & File Operations.

Unit 7: Structures:

  • Introduction to Structures.
  • Array of Structures, Additional Features of Structures & Uses of Structures


Basic Programs Related To Operators, If, If-Else, Nested If-Else, Switch, Break & Continue Statements & Loops.


Programs Related To Function, Pointers , Macros & Local & Global Scope of Variables.


Programs Related To Arrays & Strings.


Programs Related To Formatted & Unformatted Functions & File Handling.


Programs Related To Structures.