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Course Details

Course Outline for Selenium

Introduction to Selenium


Make the learner proficient in the auotmation testing.


Candidates should have basic knowledge of java, software testing and its implementation.


IT professionals or B.Tech, MCA, BCA students who want to build their career in testing.


Hours: 60 Hours

Course Outline:

Introduction to Automation

  • What is automation testing
  • Advantages of Automation Testing
  • How to learn any automation tool
  • Types of Automation tools

Introduction to Selenium

  • What is Selenium
  • Use of Selenium
  • Features of selenium
  • Difference between Selenium and QTP

Selenium Components

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium CORE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium GRID
  • Selenium 3.0-Web Driver

Selenium IDE

  • Selenium Overview
  • Selenium IDE Introduction
  • Downloading and Installing Selenium IDE
  • Recording and Running a Simple Test
  • Selenium IDE – Features
  • Selenium Concepts
  • Selenium Commands
  • Verifying Page Elements – Assertions and Verifications
  • Wait Commands
  • Element Locators
  • Creating Selenium Test Suites
  • Limitations of Selenium IDE

Fire Bug, Xpath and CSS

  • Introduction to Firebug
  • Downloading and installing of Firebug
  • Downloading and installing of xpath
  • How to identify the xpath for a particular element

How to use TestNG and Junit in Selenium

  • Introduction to TestNG
  • Why TestNG
  • Setting up TestNG
  • Working with TestNG
  • Advantages of TestNG over Junit
  • How to Use TestNG Annotations
  • TestNG Execution Report
  • TestNG Reporting features

Advanced Selenium 3.0 – Web driver

  • Introduction to selenium 3.0
  • Advantages of web driver
  • Web Driver v/s RC
  • Architecture of Web Driver and RC
  • Web Driver IDE
  • Installation / Configuring Eclipse for Web Driver
  • First Test Case with FF Browser
  • Running Test on GeckoDriver
  • Running Test on Chrome Browser

WebDriver Commands

  • Browser Commands
  • Browser Navigation Commands
  • Web Element Commands
  • Find Elements Commands
  • Check Box & Radio buttons
  • Drop Down & Multiple Selects
  • Screenshots command
  • Wait Commands
  • Handling Alerts
  • Different types of Alerts
  • Handling Multiple Windows
  • Drag & Drop Actions
  • Right Click, Double Click & Tool Tip
  • KeyBoard Events
  • Capturing ScreenShot & Entire Page ScreenShot

Locators & XPath

  • Use of Browser Inspector
  • FireBug & FirePath
  • HTML Locators
  • Element Locator for WebDriver
  • XPath Helper Plug-in for Chrome