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SMAC Technologies - Way to Survive Technologies

Latest trend in IT industry may be summarised as SMAC Technologies. The SMAC stands for

S - Social

M - Mobility

A - Analytics

C - Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the virtualization of infrastructure, software and platforms. This planning lets business to focus more on core business without going in nitty-gritty of infrastructure operations. CIO has to maintain the balance of budget, cost, efficiency and business continuity in mind when planning for the Cloud. Our course Cloud Computing introduces the basic concepts and discuss the key points that a CIO must be aware before planning Cloud Computing strategy of the organization.

Analytics is the generation of wisdom from data. Wisdom is the last stage in DIKW (Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom) paradigm. This lets business understand the usage pattern and future needs of the customers and plan business accordingly. Our course Data Analytics is focussed on analysing data using frugal tools to statistical tools eg Excel, R and Tableau.

For analysis, data must be maintained properly. Now data generation has become huge. Data maintenance and quick processing requires Big Data technologies and file systems (HDFS - Hadoop Distributed File System) that support parallel processing. Our course Big Data and Hadoop is focussed on Big Data technologies where prime tools/platforms are HDFS and Map Reduce.

Mobility technologies are development of application on mobile devices. The mobile devices mostly work on platforms eg Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. These apps may be interfacing with various cloud platforms. These apps also get interfaced with Social platforms eg Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. The business mobile applications are either employee productivity apps or customer engagement apps. Our major mobile app development courses are as follows: