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Course Details

Course outline for Block Chain


The goal of Block Chain Training is to give you a solid understanding of crypto currency and trusted contracts.


This course is designed for those , Who are willing to understand the block chain and delivering any solutions on this.


Any Graduate or Post-Graduate having Knowledge of programming language


40 hours

Course Content

Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

  • Inception of Blockchain - Bitcoin
  • Basic concepts of Blockchain
  • How they work: proof of work, Hashing, mining, cryptography and digital signatures.
  • Adoption Trends: Industry overview and Companies implemented blockchain.
  • Different types of Blockchain platforms

Introduction to Ethereum

  • Introduction to Ethereum/MultiChain/HyperLedger
  • Introduction to Ethereum/MultiChain/HyperLedger
  • Setting Up Development Environment
  • Ethereum Virtual Machin
  • Basics of JavaScript console (geth)

Solidity - Language for Smart Contracts

  • Basic Examples
  • Smart Contract Layout
  • Basic Programing fundamentals
  • Value & Data Types
  • Ether & Date Time Units
  • Variables
  • Functions & Function Modifier
  • Operators, Control Structure & Variable Scoping
  • Fall-back function

Advance Programing Fundamentals

  • Interfaces
  • Exception Handling
  • Inheritance
  • Import & Compiling
  • Event Logging & Auditing

Hands on

  • Voting Ballet - Trust-less Voting
  • Supply Chain - IoT With Smart Contract