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Course Details

Course Outline for Android Game Development


The goal of Android Game Development Course is to give you a solid understanding of approaches to develop android games. It gives you a proper picture of development the android games.


This course is designed for professional planning to develop games using Android. The course is going to help you understand the technology and help you manage your team and your project.


Basic Java programming knowledge is required Prior use or knowledge of JUnit is recommended Experience with the Eclipse IDE for Java development Attendance of our "Intro to Android" or "Android Bootcamp" class, or equivalent knowledge of developing basic Android applications, is required


2 Months

Course Outline:

1 Introduction and general view.
  • Game Programming concepts
  • Game loop
  • Game Engine (update and draw)
  • Sprites Coalitions detection
  • Game resources: images and sounds
  • Tweened Animations
    • AlphaAnimation
    • Rotate Animation
    • Scale Animation
    • Translate Animation
  • Frame-by-frame animations or Animation Drawable
3 Threads
  • Threads running on UI thread(runOnUiThread)
  • Worker thread
  • Handlers & Runnable
  • AsynTask(in detail)
  • Examples
4 Multimedia
  • Introduction to multimedia and OpenCORE
  • Playing audio
  • Playing video
  • Capturing media
5 Graphics
  • View/Surface View
  • Bitmap
  • Canvas
  • Shape and RectShape
  • Introducing OpenGL
  • Surface View
  • GL Thread
  • Cube Renderer
  • Cube Class
6 Drawing
  • ?Extending a View and Sharephas view
  • Using onDraw
  • Referring to custom View in layout file
  • Drawing basic shapes with Canvas
  • Drawing bitmaps (images) with Canvas
7 OpenGL ES
  • GLSurfaceView
  • GLSurfaceView.Renderer
  • onSurfaceCreated()
  • onDrawFrame()
  • onSurfaceChanged()
8 Android Specifics
  • SurfaceView and holder events management
  • Resource management in android bitmaps and sound
9 Game Architecture
  • Try to split the problem in simple and reusable parts
  • Decouple the game logic from the android architecture
10 Android Game Programming
  • Drawing an image using SurfaceView.
  • Game Loop and Animation.
  • Our First Sprites
  • Sprites Speed and Animation
  • Working with Multiple Sprites
  • Touch Events and Sprite Collision Detection.
  • Temporary Sprites.
11 Android Game Project
  • Planning
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Publishing