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Course Details

Course Outline for Android Testing


The goal of the Android Testing Training Course is to give you a solid understanding of approaches to Android testing. It gives you a big picture grasp of Android, SDK tools, security and publishing considerations. The course goes deep into testing and debugging tools available and best practices.


This course is designed for QA teams, team leads, and technical managers. The course is going to help you understand the technology and help you manage your team and your project.


Basic Java programming knowledge is required Prior use or knowledge of JUnit is recommended Attendance of our "Intro to Android" or "Android Bootcamp" class, or equivalent knowledge of developing basic Android applications, is required


2 Months

Course Outline:

1. Android Testing Overview
  • Local Unit Test
  • Instrumented Unit Test
  • JUnit
  • Android Testing Support Library
  • Robotium
  • Expresso
2. Unit Testing with JUnit
  • Getting Started with JUnit
  • Creating JUnit Test Cases
  • Assertions
  • Testing for Exceptions
  • Test Fixtures
  • Test Suites
  • Running Tests and Reporting
  • Exercise & Assignments
3 Android Testing Environment
  • Android Test Projects
  • Android Test Case Classes
  • Additional Android Assertions
  • Mock Object Classes
  • Touch and Key Events
  • Testing and Threading Issues
  • Exercise & Assignments
4 Android Component Testing
  • Activity Test
  • Service Test
  • Content Provider
  • Exercise & Assignments
5 The Android Debug Bridge (adb) and the Android Emulator Console
  • Installing and Uninstalling Apps
  • Copying Files to and from the Emulator/Device
  • Issuing Shell Commands on the Emulator/Device
  • Viewing the System Log with adb logcat
  • Emulator Runtime Images: User Data and SD Card
  • Emulating Telephony and SMS Events
  • Emulating Geo Positioning
  • The UI/Application Exerciser Monkey
  • Exercise & Assignments