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Course Details

Cordova Training Course Outline

Cordova Course Outline


Prepare students to understand the dynamics of Cloud computing who can efficiently understand and implement current cloud computing techniques.


Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Prepares for:

Developing platform independent application(Android/iOS/Windows) using Apache Cordova.


Any IT professionals or student who want to build Mobile Apps.


30 hours

Course Outline:

  • Overview
    • Set Up Cordova, PhoneGap and Hybrids
    • Platforms and Web Views
    • Versions and Requirements
    • Installing CLI and PhoneGap the Desktop App
    • Setting Up Emulators
  • Working with Cordova Projects
    • Creating a Project and Adding Platforms 13m 33s
    • PhoneGap CLI
    • Running the App
    • PhoneGap Developer App
    • Debugging the App
    • The config.xml
    • Browsing the Documentation
    • Third-Party Tools
  • Working with HTML5
    • App Architecture
    • Replacing WebView with CrossWalk
    • HTML5 Compatibility
    • SPA and UI Frameworks
  • Cordova JS and Plugins
    • Basic Cordova Template
    • Main Events
    • Plugins Management
    • StatusBar
    • Native Dialogs
    • Camera
    • Contacts
    • Other Plugins
  • Building
    • Building Locally for a Device
    • Building Locally for the Store
    • Remote Building with PhoneGap Build
    • Closing