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Course Details

Course Outline for SAP-HCM (Human Capital Management)

SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) Course Contents


Make SAP HCM Functional Expert, Prepare for SAP HCM Certification

Prepares for:

  • Explain the architecture of the SAP HCM component
  • Detail out each component in SAP HCM


Personal having process knowledge in Human Resource Management , Any Graduate, Working Professionals.


SAP HCM End users, HR Executives/Managers


40 hours

Course Content

SAP HCM Course Content

  1. Section 1: SAP Introduction
    • Introduction to SAP
    • System Landscape and Navigation Steps
    • SAP HCM Introduction
  2. Section 2: Structures in HCM
    • Configuration of Enterprise Structure
    • Configuration of Personnel Structure
    • Overview of Organizational Structure
  3. Section 3: Personnel Administration
    • Transaction Codes and Infotype
    • Configuration of Features - Default
    • Configuration of Personnel Number Range and Feature NUMKR
    • Configuration of Master Data
    • Configuration of Evaluation Basis
    • Configuration of Infogroups and
    • Configuration of Screen Modification
  4. Section 4: Organizational Managment (OM)
    • OM Concept, OM Objects and Relationships
    • OM Infotypes ,Transaction Codes
    • Config of OM Interfaces (Simple Maintenance,Expert Mode & Organization & Staffing)
    • Configuration of Evaluation Path
    • Integration Between OM and PA
    • Configuration of Number Ranges and Creation Of Custom Objects
  5. Section 5: Time Management (TM)
    • Configuration of Public Holiday Class and Holiday Calendar
    • Configuration of Personnel Subarea Grouping for Work Schedule
    • Configuration of Daily Work Schedule and Period Work Schedule
    • Configuration of Work Schedule Rules and Work Schedule
    • Infotpye 0007 and Feature SCHKZ
    • Configuration of Time Data Recording and Administration (Absences - IT2001)
    • Configuring Time Data Recording and Administration ( Absence Quotas - IT2006)
  6. Section 6: Payroll (PY)
    • Configuration of Payroll Area and Feature ABKRS
    • Payroll Control Record and Payroll Process
    • Payroll Period and Period Parameter
    • Configuration of Pay Scale Structure and Feature TARIF
    • Configuration of Custom Wagetypes and its Tables
    • Payroll Run and Remuneration Statement
    • Display Payroll Result
  7. Section 7: Reporting and Additional Topics
    • Reports and Variants
    • Relationship between IT0007 and IT0008
    • Tables in SAP HCM
    • Time Constraints in SAP HCM