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Course Details

Computer Fundamentals for Office Management Course

This course is designed to train person to start computer application and usage in office and house. After completing this course, the person will be able to the use the computer for
  • Creating and modifying images/photos
  • Purposes of preparing personnel/business letters
  • Preparing business presentations
  • Maintaining data in spread sheets
  • Viewing information on internet (the web) and sending mails.
This allows a common person to use the computer applications for personal and business purpose. This program prepares person to take any administrative position in any office. This course is more practical oriented.

This course is for beginners, so no pre-requisite course is needed. However, it is expected that the person has some elementary knowledge of English.

Prepares for:
Computer new learners

Any school student or beginners.

3 Months (30 theory +50 lab hours)

Course Outline:
  • Introduction to computer
  • Introduction to Windows operating system
  • Basic DOS Commands (Command Prompt)
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Elements of Word Processing (Microsoft Word Basic)
  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel Basic)
  • Making small presentation (Microsoft Powerpoint)
  • Computer communication and internet
  • WWW and web browsers
  • E-mail
  • Overview of NIELIT CCC certification
  • Course end project presentation