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Course Details

Succeeding the interview and get started in the career path


Enables individuals to prepare for job hunt and get groomed to face the interviews.


6days (12 hours)

Course Outline:

Making of resume

  1. Rules of resume writing.
  2. Drawing attention at the screening level.
  3. Types of resume and coverage.

Telephonic interviews/screening

  1. Code of conduct during telephonic interviews.
  2. Beginning of conversation, going with the flow, closing the conversation.

Facing the interview board

  1. Basics on pre-interview preparation.
  2. Rules to be followed on the day of interview.
  3. Types of interviews and demonstration of your skills in each types.
  4. Do's and Don'ts - during interview sessions.
  5. Reading the minds of Interviewers.
  6. Controlling minds while facing tough questions/depth interviews.

Types of questions.

  1. Sample questions in each type.

Practice make you Perfect

  1. Mock Interviews
  2. Group discussions