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Course Details

Organizational Behaviour


24 Hours

Program Overview:

Organizations can be made more productive while also improving the quality of people s work-life. There is no one best approach to study the behavior is in an organizations as they are dynamic and ever changing.

Intention :

Productivity experts intends to make work both, productive and pleasant.


  • Need of Organizational Behavior
  • Management Functions
  • Changing Organizations
  • Perceptions and Perspective Bias
  • Learning and Reinforcement
  • Understand one's personality
         ⇒Self Esteem

         ⇒Self efficiency

         ⇒Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication and types of communication in an organization
  • Individual Leadership and Motivation
  • Leaders and Managers
  • Decision Making
  • Power Influence and Authority
  • Conflict Management
  • Understand Performance
  • Understand Quality