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Course Details

Personality Development Module


Enabling individuals to develop well groomed personality befitting the Corporate world.

Engineering Graduates/ MBA's/ Graduates/Post Graduates, Entry level new recruits.


12 DAYS (4 hours per day)

Course Outline:

Carrying yourself right - it matters in the career path

Social and business etiquettes and mannerisms

  1. Social skills - Good grooming
  2. Postures, gestures, body language
  3. Dining etiquettes
  4. Verbal, non-verbal, paralinguistic connects
  5. Getting acquainted with formal culture
  6. Assertiveness and aggressiveness

Walking smooth adapting Corporate culture

  1. Code of conducts
  2. Discipline
  3. Corporate values
  4. Attitude
  5. Self-Image
  6. Ethics and values

Team work

Personalities required for team work

  1. Team formation
  2. Team dynamics and key success factors
  3. Being a collaborative team player
  4. Barriers in team work
  5. Different personalities behave differently
  6. Team building activities

Unmask success

Achieving career goals

  1. Knowing yourself
  2. Strategies and Focussed approach
  3. Wheel of personal success
  4. Rules for accomplishments
  5. What it takes to be successful

Time Management

Time management a journey

  1. Actions and momentum
  2. Pareto principles
  3. Time matrix activities
  4. Time matrix results
  5. Time management focus and outcome
  6. Time management tools
  7. Accomplishment planner
  8. Strategies to overcome procrastination
  9. Quadrants of time management
  10. Time wasters

Understanding your strength

Playing to own strength

  1. Self -Swot analysis
  2. Identify your own values, principles and inner motivation
  3. Managing stress and high pressure situations
  4. Creating and establishing your own brand
  5. Managing your own funds