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Course Details

Microsoft Project Training Overview

Role of Microsoft Project in Project Management:

It is widely accepted that project management is imperative for project success. It is also necessary that a good software be used for projects planning and management. Microsoft Office Project, gives you robust project planning and management tools with the right blend of usability, power, and flexibility, so you can manage projects more efficiently and effectively. MS Project is a powerful yet a complex tool. Specialized training on it's core features is essential to fully utilize it's power for project management. This training on MS Project empowers the learner to stay informed and control project work, schedules, and finances. It also helps in keeping project teams aligned and stay on top of the project life cycle with detailed planning, optimal allocation of resources, adherence to timelines as per the contract with client and powerful & flexible reporting tools. Effort is also important, but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference! MS Project training helps you in doing that.

MS Project Training Program Overview:

This training covers the overview of Project Management and explains how to manage projects using Microsoft Project. This will be conducted by Project Management experienced and PMP Certified Project Manager who will give you the most intensive hands on training session and share expert tips.


It is expected that the person has knowledge of solving class-12 level mathematics and user level experience of computer application.

Prepares for:

Project Planning, Scheduling, Tracking, Management.

Who should attend?

  • Project Managers from IT Industry
  • Project Managers from Construction Industry
  • Event Managers
  • Media Industry
  • Film Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Any professional that requires to schedule and to allocate the resources for a given scope of work...

MS Project Training Duration:

16 hours

Course Outline:

  1. Project vs Operations
  2. Project Management
  3. Project Constraints (Scope, Schedule, Resource, Cost, Risks, Quality)
  4. MS Project Flavors(Standard, Professional, Server,O365)
  5. MS Projects Tools Overview
    1. Scheduling Engine
    2. Ribbon View
    3. Timeline
    4. ViewBar
    5. Entry Table
    6. Tabs
      • File
      • Task
      • Resource
      • Report
      • Project
      • View
      • Format
  6. Setting up your project
    1. Project -> Project Information
    2. Project Options ( General, Display, Schedule)
    3. Create Calendar (Project -> Change Working Time)
    4. Calender (Exceptions , Workweeks)
    5. PRACTICE: Creating Calender
  7. Setting up Tasks
    1. Gantt Chart View
    2. Task Mode
    3. Task Name
    4. Duration
    5. Task Hierarchy(Indent/Outdent)
    6. Task Relationship
    7. Linking Tasks (Toolbar)
    8. Task Types (Regular, Summary, Milestone)
    9. Task Information
    10. Task information (Advance Tab)- Deadline, Constraint Type, Task Type, WBS Code, Earned value method, Mark task as Milestone)
    11. Notes
    12. Details
    13. PRACTICE: Set up Tasks Breakdown Structure or (Work Breakdown Structure)
  8. Setting up Resources
    1. Resource Entry
    2. Resource Types(Work, Material, Cost)
    3. Resource availability
    4. Resource Cost (Standard, Overtime, Cost/Use, Accural method)
    5. Resource Information
  9. PRACTICE: Setup resources
  10. Setting up Assignment
    1. Work/Cost
    2. Assign Resource
    3. Resource Overloading
    4. Resource graph
    5. Usage View ( Task/Resource)
    6. Assignment Delay
    7. Level Resource
    8. Levelling Delay
  11. Finalizing Project plan
    1. Adding Risk Factor
    2. Baselining Project
    3. Project Summary Task
    4. Critical Tasks
    5. Slack/Float
  12. MPP Internal structure
    2. Tables
    3. Detailed view
  13. PRACTICE: Sample Assignment
  14. Tracking Project Plan/Updating Progress
    1. Set Status Date
    2. Update Task (Mark on Track/Update Task)
    3. Use Toolbar
    4. Update project (Project Tab -> Update project)
    5. Use Tracking View (View->Table->Tracking)
  15. Printing project
    1. File -> Print
    2. Page Setup
    3. Printing Gantt Chart/Task Sheet
  16. Reports
    1. Dashboards
    2. Resources
    3. Costs
    4. In Progress
    5. Getting Started
  17. PRACTICE: Sample Assignment 2 (organization specific)
  18. Template/Organizing Template
  19. Exporting Data (Generating maps)