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Course Details

About Project Management Certification Organization (PMCO)

The Project Management Certification Organization (PMCO), a US body is dedicated to providing real world based certifications for the practical application of project management. Certifications are based on project management experience, education and knowledge of the PMCO project management methodologies. These methodologies are designed to be applied to projects across industries so that this knowledge is relevant to what you are working on right now. PMCO's mission is to provide practical and applicable, real world based, certifications and beneficial resources to managers, leaders and organizations worldwide. PMCO has a growing global network.

PMCO offers three levels of certification

  1. PMCO Associate Project Manager
  2. PMCO Professional Project Manager
  3. PMCO Executive Project Manager

Duration : 16 Hours

Training Deliverables:

  • Understand PMCO based project management process.
  • PMCO AsPM/ ProPM Study Guide and exercises
  • Webinar based training sessions (included in registration). Easy paced and full coverage of topics.
  • Classroom Instructor lead training on request with additional cost

Training Topics:

  • Project Management Basics
  • Project Management Principle knowledge
  • The Project Roles
  • The PMCO Project Management System
  • The Project Management Functions
  • The Scope Management Function
  • Human Resources Management Function
  • Acquisitions Management Function
  • The Schedule Management Function
  • The Cost Management Function
  • The Quality Management Function
  • The Communication Management Function
  • The Risk Management Function
  • The Stakeholder Management Function
  • The Change Management Function
  • The Ethics of Project Management

Who Should Attend

The PMCO project management certifications are intended to address career aspirations and competence building for emerging and practicing Project Managers in any sector..

  • Certified AsPM: This certification will issued by PMCO, USA
    • - No experience pre-requisite
    • - For project managers in the making
  • Certified ProPM: This certification will issued by PMCO, USA
    • - Minimum of three years if verifiable experience