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Online Courses (Self Paced)

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In this course, students get to learn about Security in Android. Students will be able to answer the below questions related to Android Security. How your app is vulnerable to threats ? How can you ensure not to commit mistakes that are an open invitation to hacking ? What can you do to reduce the impact of Reverse Engineering of your apps? course-image

Developing Secure Android Apps

Total Resources: 40

Provider: Sisoft

Price: 1995.00

This course will work as Boot Camp for any one willing to learn Android. This will introduce the development environment and develop a sample application. course-image

Android Basics

Total Resources: 14

Provider: Sisoft

Price: 0.00

Students will be able to make their own Android Apps after taking this course. During the course students are taught to utilize open source coding techniques and become independent in their coding approach. course-image

Android App Development - Advance

Total Resources: 87

Provider: Sisoft

Price: 1495.00

At the end of this program , students will be able to start writing Java Programs and be ready to handle any other Object Oriented Language too ! course-image

Learn Core Java

Total Resources: 88

Provider: Sisoft

Price: 995.00

Learn about Basics of Blockchain, Solidity and how to develop distributed apps. course-image

Blockchain Course - Basics of Blockchain,Solidity and how to dev

Total Resources: 27

Provider: Sisoft

Price: 1995.00

Student will be able to understand different components that are part of Cordova architecture and develop cross platform apps. Students will also learn how to use Cordova Plugins. course-image

Cordova development using CLI

Total Resources: 17

Provider: Sisoft

Price: 495.00

Students will be able to learn Kotlin and implement the latest concepts introduced in Object Oriented Languages. course-image

Kotlin for Beginners

Total Resources: 38

Provider: Sisoft

Price: 495.00