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Application Description

The app can be used as a timing and scoring tool for Sports. The app records the match results in SQLite db for future reference. The result can be shareed Social Media/other communication channels.

Concept used:

1.Shared Preferences for Login-Logout:

We want to ensure that the userís Login-logout credentials are available to use if the user exits the app and are deleted if the user logs-out. This ensures that the app is secure for usage

Activity name - LoginActivity

2.. Alarm Manager for Alarm Services:

Alarm manager is used to measure the time and raise an alarm when the is over. We use Alarm Services for this. Inside the Method- startAlert(View view) - userís entered timing is inserted in an intent which will take the user to receiver whenever time is over.

Activity name- HomeActivity

3.Pending Intent:

Previous intent is inserted inside a Pending intent.We use a Pending Intent to be fired whenever the time is over which is finally received by the receiver in the app.

Activity Name - HomeActivity

4.Broadcast Receiver:

We use Broadcast Receiver to receive the started pending intent. Receiver contains the Vibrator services to initiate the alram through mobile vibration.

Class Name - MyBroadCastReceiver.class

5.Preferences using XML(menu):

User can customize the app for it to show Match Name or any other important details on the scoring board. With a little bit of customization in the app by the developer they can also store this in the database. It gets called from onOptionItemSelected method in HomeScreen.java.

ActivityName - Settings.class

6.Storing the results in database :

Users can store the results of the games in the SQlite Database. While storing they can also add the name of the refree/other important details of the match through an EditText.

ActivityName - Dialog Activity( for announcing the result)

SaveActivity(for saving the results)

-ShowResults(for showing the results from the stored data in db)

ClassName- DataBaseHelper(for accessing SQLite in Android)

-DataEntry for storing entries in the form of objects and using getter and setter methods

7.Sharing the results:

Users can share the results using Social Media from the app.

ActivityName- Dialog Activity

Source Code:

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