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Using CardView and RecyclerView in Android

In this example , we will be developing a Recycler View app.Recycler View is used to display long lists. It is different than other adapters because it reuses Views that were created earlier. This increases app efficiency as a few views are able to display the entire list to the user and reduces system overhead to generate views for all the list items in the list. We will also use a CardView which comes from Material Design of Android. A CardView gives the list item a distinctive look and enhances the overall appearance of the app.

Steps to develop this can be summarized below -

Used Concepts & Used Version:

Now, let us begin the development...

1.LauncherActivity.class (Launcher Activity)

This Activity has only one button which when clicked will take the user to CardViewActivity.class

2. Layout for LauncherActivity.class







Picture 1